Going Rogue

Remember how the Fresh Prince was chillin’ out when a couple of guys starting making trouble, and how it led to him moving to Bel Air? Well, Facebook and Instagram are the two hoodlums, and here I am, the Fresh Prince, moving out to a pricier part of the internet.

I decided to discontinue posting on Facebook and Instagram because these two services basically use your information to deliver advertising. They use everything from when you were born to where you go (oh, and your smartphone is super helpful in giving them that information). This doesn’t change because of your privacy settings; privacy settings just deal with how others may interact with you.

My solution? A personal website built on Squarespace, plus a Flickr Pro account. By paying for these services, I retain the control over my information and content, instead of selling myself to get a free Facebook and Instagram profile. A bonus? Personal websites never go out of style; social networks do.