Apple’s iPhone packaging in France is wasteful. Almost seems out of spite for French law; they could just cellophane wrap the EarPods sleeve against the box.

    Mural of vaquero showing strengthThis mural, Ánimo Sin Fronteras, in downtown El Paso is one of my favorites. Here is more info from the artist, Miles MacGregor, and his portfolio.

    Rocky outcroppings overlooking a small bay and blue summer skies Atop Mount Amos in Freycinet National Park, TAS (in the before times)

    Tried setting up Known on a Linode server. Got it mostly installed, but no idea how to actually launch it. Community documentation scarce. Not promising.

    No one ever says, “You’re in North Carolina, right?” It’s always South. Why is that?

    Really happy to see Signal continue to add features like improved private groups. Already using it with a couple people; hopefully more will move over. 💬

    Some people:

    Instead of Fitness+, why doesn’t Apple just buy Peloton?

    Can we stop asking for the most valuable company on earth to buy everything worth anything?

    🎮 Bought No Man’s Sky after the most recent update. I’m really enjoying the game for having lots of crafting and planning and exploring, but little violence.

    Spent way too much time making changes to my website that almost all needed reverted. I really don’t understand Liquid templating, and just want to show microblog posts nicely there. 👨🏼‍💻

    🎵 Bahamas’ new album Sad Hunk is great; give it a listen!