Goals for 2013

Goals are an important part of self-improvement. They should be specific and measurable; however, I am not good at this. Nevertheless, I am trying to set some sort of goals for myself. Here are a few:

  • Learn German
  • Read the Bible every day
  • Earn a CompTIA Network+ certification
  • Build a mid-century style stereo cabinet

My desire to learn German is partly because I lived there as a child, partly because it’s part of my family’s background, partly because learning a language is generally a good way to expand one’s horizons. To learn German, I’m currently using an iPhone app called Duolingo (free; App Store). It’s constructed as a game, which has really helped me learn some basics. I don’t clearly understand the grammar concepts at this time, but I have to start somewhere.

Reading the Bible daily is a very valuable habit when coupled with thoughtful meditation on what is read. Though many people attempt to discredit the Bible, the fact of the matter is that those who truly work to apply what they learn from the Bible live happier, better lives. Its counsel is just as useful today as it was 2 000 years ago.

Acquiring my Network+ certification is being encouraged by my employer, but I also realize I need to continue to expand my professional knowledge and skills. I find networking to be a very dense subject, though, so I’m unsure of how well this will go.

Finally, I’d like to build a stereo cabinet in the mid-century modern style. I am in very preliminary stages of making this happen: I have just started sketching out concepts and I have no cabinet-making skills. I want modern functionality with vintage looks. Unfortunately, modern components are not designed with this in mind. Practically all receivers are big black boxes. This will take some investigation and hunting.

I’m definitely looking forward to meeting these goals over the course of the year. A new language, a piece of furniture as the result of new skills, reading a book with proven advice, and a professional certification are great ways to improve myself. Let the work begin!