“You’d Make a Great Wife!”

A few weeks ago, I made salsa from my own homegrown cherry tomatoes and jalapeños; it was excellent. This week I made pesto from fresh basil from a friend. Then I tried my hand at a simple loaf of bread. I was telling a good friend about this, who replied, “You’d make a great wife!”

At first I was taken aback; cooking or otherwise being industrious in the home is not the realm of only the woman. Any man, single or married, does well to be capable in these things. If single, a person should be self-sufficient. If married, a person should act as part of a team.

But then I reviewed Proverbs 31:10-31, about a capable wife. She is trustworthy, enjoys hard work from early morning until night, makes financially sound decisions, is generous, takes care of her family, reflects well on them, speaks with kindness and wisdom, and more than anything else, she “fears Jehovah”.

So, I’ll definitely take the comment as a compliment! If I marry someday, I hope to find a woman like this – and that I can be such an exceptional mate in return.