FileVault 2 offers a great service: it encrypts the entire storage of your Mac. However, many people have experienced a problem. It doesn’t finish (for the record, this happened to me on 10.10.5. Some said the issue was resolved with 10.10.3). We see messages like:

Encrypting… Estimating time remaining

Unfortunately, this causes problems when upgrading OS X or trying to create a Boot Camp partition. Since FileVault shows as enabled and the drive shows as encrypted, I decided to decrypt the drive. This is done by:

  1. Booting into Recovery HD (restart the computer and hold Cmd+R until the Apple logo and progress bar appear).
  2. Open Disk Utility.
  3. Select the encrypted drive (it should be grayed out in the sidebar).
  4. Go to File > Unlock Macintosh HD, and enter password
  5. Go to File > Turn Off Encryption, and enter password.
  6. Reboot to OS X.

Ah, good. In a fairly short period of time, I should have my drive back. Except … decryption has the same problem! Interestingly, decryption becomes unpaused during disk verification (Open Disk Utility, select both “Macintosh HD” in the sidebar, and click Verify Disk). This lasts only a few minutes, however. I ended up using Verify Disk a number of times until decryption finished.

Once I installed El Capitan, I tried encryption again and encountered the same issue. So I continually ran First Aid until encryption finished. If you want a Boot Camp partition, however, you’ll probably need to wipe the drive and start fresh.

UPDATE 11/11/2015: Try the solution mentioned on this post.

My mom has an iPhone 5 on Virgin Mobile. Every time she updates iOS, the iPhone deactivates. In the past, I would call Virgin Mobile technical support for reactivation, but:

  • they aren’t open 24/7.
  • they take a long time.
  • they’ve threatened to charge me before.
  • I hate being on the phone.

After searching the interwebs mostly unfruitfully, I came across the following solution in an Apple Support forum. (Sorry, I couldn’t find it again.)

  1. Backup the iPhone.
  2. Erase all contents and settings.
  3. Restore the iPhone from your backup.

This worked successfully for us. The phone did not activate the first time during setup, but on the second try. I hope other webizens in need find this, and find it useful.