My mom has been lugging around an old, non-booting Toshiba consumer laptop because the hard drive has photos on it she doesn’t want to lose. I finally decided to work on getting the photos off of it today.

$SourceDir = "D:\Users\dir"
$DestinationDir = "F:\"
Get-ChildItem -Path "$SourceDir" -Filter *.jpg -File -Recurse | Copy-Item -Destination "$DestinationDir"

That probably isn’t the best way. It probably would have been better and faster to use something like:

Get-ChildItem -Path "$SourceDir" -recurse | where {$_.extension -in ".jpg",".png"} | Copy-Item -Destination "$DestinationDir"

I was getting an SSL error when adding or refreshing my FreshRSS feeds in mobile apps like Reeder 5 and NetNewsWire for iOS. My troubleshooting steps:

  • Verify that my SSL cert was properly configured.
  • Verify that FreshRSS API access and API password were set up.
  • Verify that all details were entered accurately in the mobile apps.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and try refreshing over LTE. This worked, indicating that the issue is not the client/server app configuration, but the network configuration.
  • Reset iPhone network settings and re-join Wi-Fi. Errored again.
  • Change DNS settings on my Wi-Fi connection to use Cloudflare resolvers (, instead of Spectrum. This worked (update: temporarily. It also works over VPN.)

Based on my troubleshooting, I suspect Spectrum is doing something funky with DNS or SSL. (Possibly related: The Spectrum TV app is in Day 2 of an extended outage that started around 06:00 UTC -4, 8 June 2022).