When I installed Windows with Boot Camp, I only allocated about 32GB for the C: drive. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long to run out of space even though I don’t use it much. Turning off hibernation freed up space, but not enough to resolve the problem. The next step was to re-size the partition, which is slightly harder than it sounds.

Reduce Size of Mac Partition

Open Disk Utility, and select the top level of the internal SSD/HDD. Then click Partition at the top. Select your Macintosh HD partition, then under Partition Information > Size, reduce the size of the partition. Note that you are limited by how much space is already used (this amount is listed just below the Size text field). Click Apply.

Increase Size of Boot Camp Partition

If resizing Macintosh HD is successful, your next step is to boot into Windows. Open the Start menu, then type Disk Management. Look for your C: drive. Disk Management will only allow you to extend the C: partition if the free space you just created is to the right of it. If it is listed to the left, you must use a free 3rd party utility like MiniTool Partition Wizard Free. Here’s their tutorial on the Move/Resize Partition feature.

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Introduced in Mac OS 10.7, Resume re-opens apps and files at login. It’s terrible. Thankfully, I found one simple command line that fixes this:

defaults write -g ApplePersistence -bool no

I love VMware Fusion 8, but only Boot Camp will let me use two sound devices at once. Boot Camp Assistant, though, was unable to partition my disk to make room for Windows (this is a recurring theme starting with Mac OS 10.10). This article provides the perfect solution to Boot Camp Assistant’s Disk could not be partitioned error.

Great thanks to Cody Burleson for writing these instructions. My VM was nearly 55GB; it is now just over 24GB. Make sure, though, that there is no unallocated portion of the C: drive in Windows, as this method will not touch them.

Hello, Mr. Sharebutton
Hello, Mr. Sharebutton

Today I learned (thanks, Mom!) that iPhones with iOS 9 allow the sharing of voicemails to your app of choice. So, for example, when Volkswagen says that your diesel vehicle’s emissions are compliant with federal regulations, you have proof they lied (without cluttering your voicemail inbox).