I have a fondness for TNG because it’s what was on when I was a kid and because LeVar was in it and on Reading Rainbow, another show I loved. My mom has an aversion to Star Trek because of home movie memories.
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Micro Monday is a day to explore strange new worlds… or at least to find new people to follow. Let’s do a new roll call and boldly go where I have wanted to for a long time: Star Trek. Hail us with a reply. What’s your favorite? No spoilers for New Trek, please! 🖖

In Star Trek: TNG, S5E11, “Hero Worship,” a kid asks Data what he thinks of a model the kid built. When Data expresses his aesthetic assessment the kid says, “You hate it!” Data tells him, “You are making an unwarranted extrapolation.” I’m telling my anxiety that from now on.