A Rant Against Maximization

“Can we do it?” is a lot more interesting to me than “we must do it because that’s what you’re supposed to do.”

-Jason Fried, Basecamp Founder & CEO

Common Sense

My question to you is, who’s putting your pants on?

—Sid, in Seinfeld, “The Alternate Side”

We See a Future

We see a future where if you don’t believe in what the company you work for does, the best workers will leave and go work for someone else. When you come together around a purpose, great things happen: employees stay longer, it’s much easier to recruit, they’re more profitable in the long term, and investors tend to be happier.

–Eugen Sakhnenko, Worker Bee Supply Co.


Apple is officially positioning AirPods as the beginning of the end of wired headphones. I would go much further. AirPods are the latest clue that the post-iPhone era is approaching. The writing is on the wall. A pair of AirPods (or even just one AirPod in an ear) and an Apple Watch with cellular connectively will eventually be able to handle many of the most popular tasks currently given to an iPhone.

— Neil Cybart of Above Avalon, via kottke.org

“Evernote is in deep trouble”

Looks like Evernote is having to restrain itself financially. Hopefully, this means they will also focus on their core note-taking product. Like John Gruber said on Daring Fireball:

the interface has always seemed so convoluted, I could never get into it. It looks like the result of a company that is focused on adding features, not focused on creating something well-designed.

He’s right on. They’ve been splitting their attention among too many side projects – besides Evernote, there’s Skitch, Penultimate, and Scanner. Instead of optimizing the core functionality, they added Context and Work Chat. I was paying, but I’ve left. Maybe now they’ll get on track and make something really fantastic.