Photo of dawn at Cape Lookout with beach in foreground and ocean in middle ground.

Dawn at Cape Lookout, 2022. I think I like taking dawn and dusk photos more than sunrise and sunset photos. ๐Ÿ“ท

Photos my buddy Nathan and I took with his drone in June 2019. We trekked out to Oak Cliff Founders Park to get this shot of the Dallas skylineโ€”and then hightailed it outta there.

Black and white photo with guitar fretboard in foreground on right, handheld radio on charging dock in middle, and ZZ plant in white ceramic pot in background.

I might be experimental โ€” here are 3 experiments in 3 feet. ZZ plant, amateur radio, guitar. (Microblog May, Day 3)

Framed photo hanging above a chest of drawers. The frame and mat are white, and the photo is of a pecan orchard covered in snow. The dark bark of the trees contrasts with the white snow.

This is the only **photo** of mine that I’ve ever framed. ( May, Day 2)