Getting it to work mostly right has taken way more time, energy, and tenacity than I expected. Don’t get me wrong: I greatly appreciate all the IndieWeb plugins for WordPress and their contributors. But as my setup stands right now:

  • Photos in posts don’t get classed as u-photo, so Bridgy doesn’t include them when cross-posting.
  • As a result, I’m using to cross-post to Twitter.
  • doesn’t pass back the Twitter URL, so the syndication links has to be updated manually.
  • WordPress app doesn’t show “Syndicate To”, and the boxes don’t default on, so I’m stuck using the mobile WP Admin site
  • Using the proper microformats for replies, reposts, and quotes is too much of a hassle to be worth the trouble.

It’s late, and I’m probably missing a lot of other niggles, and I’m choosing not to detail my labors to get this far. My point is that the interoperability of the IndieWeb currently requires way more effort than most people would be willing to expend. has the right idea of building a blogging tool with these standards and principles; a major blogging tool like WordPress supporting all of this as simple, core features would be a boon to the effort.