Left to right: Starbucks Barista espresso machine with demitasse cups on top, digital scale and AirScape canister, and Rancilio Rocky grinder​

Last month I traded my friend Andrew some unused Klipsch speakers for his previous espresso machine, a Starbucks Barista (aka Saeco Via Venezia). It came with a pressurized portafilter, so I ordered a bottomless one and a Rancilio Rocky grinder from Seattle Coffee Gear. It’s a nice little setup, but I’m thinking about a more traditional portafilter because I still have more spraying than I would like.

The canister is an AirScape that I’ve had for years. The digital scale is some cheap piece from I don’t know where. And the demitasse cups were a hand me down acquired along with my first espresso machine.

My gifted demitasse cups and first espresso machine, a Mr. Coffee, circa 2012