Learn Python the Hard Way – “the way people used to learn things”; very incremental and great at teaching you to debug IF you follow directions. Older versions can be found for free online and with the author’s permission; the latest version is $30 and includes access to videos.

Scientific Computing with Python (FreeCodeCamp) – based on University of Michigan’s Python for Everybody, with a certification available at the end of the course.

Python for Everybody – free book (and on Coursera if video learning is your thing)

I’ve dabbled in Obj-C, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, .NET, and PowerShell. But I’m not confident I understand the how/why or best practices. Nor am I sure how to build a portfolio. These are all things I need to learn more about.
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The exact same applies to us in software development. If you’re the kind of person who understands both how/why and learn yourself (instead of needing to be taught constantly), if you’re following even half of best practise then you’re already top tier.