Reduction Time

That is what it’s time for, I think. After hearing how a friend had three truckloads of stuff from his one bedroom in his parents’ home (not including bed or bureau), I have decided I need to reduce what I own and keep around.

But there really is more to it than fear of the day I have to move all my stuff – though, not having to move as much junk would definitely be a plus. I stress out much more than I can afford to, even when I don’t realize it. And clutter can increase our stress levels. Sometimes, even when everything has a place, there is too much visual clutter. For example, the top of my bureau used to have two speakers, a vintage stereo receiver, and an iPhone radio dock all neatly arranged on top; but it didn’t make me feel good. Now, the only thing up there is the iPhone dock, and looking at it actually creates a calm feeling in me.

I plan on extending this idea throughout my space. I currently have two desks; I want to reduce to one and find a way to leave as much open space as possible on top. So no collecting papers, having ways to neatly arrange charging electronics and USB devices. My room has two closets; I will consolidate to one closet, take my old clothes to Savers, and use clear plastic bins to organize items on the shelf. (This has an added bonus of making the closet easy to pack and move – everything’s already packed!)

Going through my boxes in the garage may prove to be a challenge. Most of the stuff is unimportant, as the boxes have sat in there for years, untouched. I want to be able to toss or donate most of it, perhaps with the exception of a couple special items that may make for good decorative pieces.

Ultimately, I want an uncluttered room, minimal in appearance, and with much less in it. I think this will be one more step toward less stress.