These are books I’m reading or interested in reading. You can find books I’ve previously read here.

đź“– Reading

Forget the Alamo by Bryan Burrough, Chris Tomlinson, and Jason Stanford—Peeling off the mask of Texas’ heroic creation myth to reveal something closer to the truth.

đź“š Tsundoku

Clean Code by Robert C. Martin—I’ve dabbled with various languages, and would like to learn good habits and thinking that can apply to any one. This book came well-recommended by a programmer friend.

Refactoring by Martin Fowler—recommended based on my interest in producing and maintaining healthy code. (Buy the ebook (DRM-free) from InformIT.)

Ulysses by James Joyce—this came across my radar in early 2021, though I’m not sure where. It’s supposed to be an influential classic, so I think it may be interesting to experience. (Download free from Project Gutenberg)

The Image of the City by Kevin Fowler—How do people perceive their surroundings, and how can this positively impact the way we develop cities? (Buy in paperback from Bookshop)