I have tried, multiple times, to listen to podcasts on a regular basis. Only during this last effort have I found a set that I regularly enjoy listening to. What are they?

  • The Pen Addict (Relay.fm)—I find this one most enjoyable when listened to live and participating in the online chat. 
  • Serial (NPR)—very well done; I’m always anxious for the next episode to come out.
  • Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me (NPR)—news quiz show; surprisingly entertaining.
  • Ask Me Another (NPR)—game show; entertaining, and it has Jonathan Coulton.

I use Pocket Casts. It’s probably the best podcast app on iOS. You can search for all of these podcasts within the app by name, and you will find them. I have it set to automatically download episodes (because I will forget), then automatically delete once I’ve listened (because I will forget).