I have a fondness for TNG because it’s what was on when I was a kid and because LeVar was in it and on Reading Rainbow, another show I loved. My mom has an aversion to Star Trek because of home movie memories.
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Micro Monday is a day to explore strange new worlds… or at least to find new people to follow. Let’s do a new roll call and boldly go where I have wanted to for a long time: Star Trek. Hail us with a reply. What’s your favorite? No spoilers for New Trek, please! 🖖

RedGreenBlue webcomic by Alzward. Discussion between Blue and Red. Blue says I've been in this funk for a few days now, but I don't know why. Red says, Getting enough sleep? Eating right? Exercising? Blue: Yup. Yup. More than ever. Red: Have you been playing ranked again? Blue (sweating): Actually maybe it was the sleep thing. Red (angry): Show me your match history.

This had me and my gaming buddy Mikey wheezing. 🕹️

In Star Trek: TNG, S5E11, “Hero Worship,” a kid asks Data what he thinks of a model the kid built. When Data expresses his aesthetic assessment the kid says, “You hate it!” Data tells him, “You are making an unwarranted extrapolation.” I’m telling my anxiety that from now on.

There was a recent thread in the Evernote user forums about how people are using the Tasks features since it’s “missing” so many things, including recurring tasks. I said:

I love Evernote Tasks; for what I do, I don’t miss recurring tasks. If I get an agenda or schedule with tasks I need to complete, I create a note with the document attached and a task for each item along with the due date. I use “Flagged” as a “Today” sort of thing; an item only gets flagged during review on the day I intend to do it. A full-fledged task manager is typically overkill for me; but if I needed one and was all in on Apple I would use Things 3.

There is ONE THING that absolutely drives me bonkers, though: the date picker on mobile. It should be a calendar like on desktop NOT the scroll wheels. That would let me see the day of the week which often matters more than the date, for me. Because they already have this built into the desktop app and it’s a standard UI element on iOS, I’m hoping this will be adjusted. I’ve already submitted feedback on it.

User Boot17 agreed and added this about recurring tasks:

I know there is a beta going on right now (that I’m not part of) with recurring tasks and it will be interesting to see how recurring tasks are implemented. In the Mac Things app, it seems that they just clutter up the history of completed tasks. I’d rather not see my history of other completed tasks get cluttered up with a history of a daily or weekly recurring task. So it remains to be seen if I will even use the repeating task functionality once it’s available.

Here’s the process they use in Evernote:

  1. Append [REPEAT {frequency}] to the task title.
  2. After completing the task, instead of checking it off, move the due date out.

I also like this idea:

I will sometimes also open the note and add a comment in a table of completion that I have with some description of the activity that was completed (where the description can be different every time).

I like the flexibility this provides because it reduces cruft in the task log while maintaining history and context on the tasks where that matters.

Photo of dawn at Cape Lookout with beach in foreground and ocean in middle ground.

Dawn at Cape Lookout, 2022. I think I like taking dawn and dusk photos more than sunrise and sunset photos. 📷

OneDrive for iOS v12.21 released 2022-03-18 (release notes) put the directory in read-only mode in the iOS Files app:

We’re actively working on improving our integration with the iOS Files app and have temporarily set it in read only mode. You’ll still be able to open OneDrive files in the iOS Files app and use it to attach files, but you won’t be able to save or edit files in the iOS Files app. We know this is not ideal and are working to improve the experience as quickly as possible. In the meantime, the OneDrive app remains fully functional.

v12.26.1 purportedly restored access:

You can once again make writes to your OneDrive files from the iOS Files app.

This didn’t seem to be working even though my OneDrive app was updated, so I re-installed. The feature works fine with the Share sheet but not with the Save File action in iOS Shortcuts. So on the rare occasion I build a shortcut and need it to save a file, I use the Share action.

Fantastic audio course that teaches you to think in a language, not just memorize words. It has helped me tremendously with Spanish.
🔖 Language Transfer (languagetransfer.org)
First edition of the book is free to read.
🔖 Adaptive Web Design: Crafting Rich Experiences with Progressive Enhancement (Adaptive Web Design)

Building an elegant, functional website requires more than just knowing how to code. In Adaptive Web Design, you’ll learn how to use progressive enhancement to build websites that won’t break, work anywhere, are accessible by anyone—on any device, and are designed to work well into the future. Craft experiences that serve users (rather than browsers), giving them access to content without technological restrictions.

Photo of watercolor supplies: 6-inch by 8-inch pad of paper and Sakura brand field kit.

I have my watercolor kit ready for this weekend’s beach camping trip! 🌊⛺️🎨