I can’t believe it! I was in and out of MVD for license renewal inside 20 minutes. 

Of course it rains on a 100°+ day while my car window’s busted…

Angling the desk really made it fresh. Not sure about the off-center monitor, but we’ll see …

CC-ID 29: Engine Problem, Power Reduced. Added a bottle of Techron concentrate to my Top Tier fuel. Hoping that plus an “Italian tuneup” will do the job.

Saved about $3k this year DIY’ing brakes, low pressure fuel sensor, headlight ballast, emissions diagnostic pump. 

When I tell people, the response is usually, “So… are you going to keep it?”

YES. If I can get this power problem quickly and affordably resolved, YES.

For the record, BMW wanted about $1000 to replace my DMTL pump. The Bosch (OEM) part was $75 and it took an hour of my time.