Snow Leopard was peak MacOS

This is lengthy, but right on. My second MacBook Pro’s logic board died after Catalina was released. I hated Catalina’s overzealous security, and Big Sur seems like an oversimplified yet buggy mess. I have unfortunately reached a point where, even with the release of Apple silicon Macs, I feel better off building a Windows PC. The OS was the reason for me to buy my first Mac; it’s now a reason to not buy my third.

El Chuco came prepared

El Paso definitely learns from its disasters. After the 2006 flood, they made huge drainage improvements. After the 2011 freeze (it got down to 12F/-21C in Las Cruces!), they made power station improvements. And as a result of drought, they have the largest inland desalination plant and implementing closed loop “advanced purification”. You love to see it.

Mildred Wirt Benson, the adventurous writer who brought Nancy Drew to life

Nancy Drew personified “the dream image which exists within most teen-agers,” Benson wrote in an autobiographical essay in 1973. This teen of 1930s remained culturally relevant for more than 80 years, even as young women’s roles changed dramatically. Mothers and grandmothers passed the books down to their daughters. “Women still tell me how they identified with Nancy Drew and that Nancy Drew gave them confidence to be whatever they wanted to be,” she told an interviewer in 1999.

Nancy is really a timeless character, and this kind of longevity is remarkable for a ghostwritten series.


Tyler Hall:

I don’t know if human curation can ever be a solution to this problem. Not at Apple’s scale.

My issue with this is that if Apple is not going to put in the effort to prevent the countless, systemic abuse running rampant on their storefronts, they need to stop marketing the App Store as something it’s not and using in-app purchases as a revenue stream.

Because, right now, the assumption of every developer I’ve spoken to – and friends and family members who have been scammed – is that Apple pays lip service to consumer safety on the App Store so they can reap the enormous financial rewards.

Apple’s receipts suck, they’ve sucked for a long time, and they’ve shown no interest in improving. They’re obscenely wealthy, charge a premium, have an App Review team with a reputation for capricious or at least inconsistent decisions, and only pay lip service to consumer safety.

“Anoche Me Enamoré”

This song came on while I was listening on Apple Music, and I thought, “Hey, this sounds similar to ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ by The Tokens!” I eventually realized (through research) this makes perfect sense, because it’s “Tonight I Fell in Love”—a song by The Tokens! So below, find the 2020 musica mexicana version, an older version by Los Apson, The Tokens’ 1961 version, AND the original Zulu version, “Mbube” by Solomon Linda.

Anoche Me Enamoré by Christian Nodal, 2021 (Apple Music / Spotify):

Anoche me enamoré by Los Apson, probably late 1960s (Apple Music / Spotify):

Tonight I Fell in Love by The Tokens, 1961 (Apple Music / Spotify):

And finally, the song that started it all, Mbube by Solomon Linda, 1939 (Apple Music / Spotify):

2021 Reading Plan

I enjoy reading, but most of my reading nowadays is news, long-form magazine articles, and blogs. That’s good, but I want to incorporate some books this year.

I’d like to finish Geography of Thought and Geography of Time and perhaps add Space and Place to the list of non-fiction.

I’d also like to find some fiction; I read it faster, and switching modes helps me continue. I’m taking suggestions.

WLS by AJR shot in TWA at JFK in NYC

New music video “Way Less Sad” by AJR (who always has fun videos) shot in the restored Trans World Airlines terminal at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City. But I couldn’t resist an acronym filled title.