CC-ID 29: Engine Problem, Power Reduced. Added a bottle of Techron concentrate to my Top Tier fuel. Hoping that plus an “Italian tuneup” will do the job.

Saved about $3k this year DIY’ing brakes, low pressure fuel sensor, headlight ballast, emissions diagnostic pump. 

When I tell people, the response is usually, “So… are you going to keep it?”

YES. If I can get this power problem quickly and affordably resolved, YES.

For the record, BMW wanted about $1000 to replace my DMTL pump. The Bosch (OEM) part was $75 and it took an hour of my time.

Replaced my headlight ballast without taking the front bumper, etc. off. Two T20 screws, then wiggle, keeping in mind there are two short wires to disconnect. 👍🏻

Two hours have been misplaced, as the clock is showing 14:30 instead of 16:30. If you find them, let me know.

This day is absolutely dragging.

The Magic of Tidying Up has some good points mixed with some weird stuff. I’m not done, but I feel like I’ve made huge progress.