Notebook Review: Rhodia Webbies

My first nice notebooks were Moleskines. I’ve used their hardcover pocket notebooks, hardcover journals, and large cahiers. The paper in the hardcover Moleskines is decent, but falls short if you use a fountain pen. I find the cahier paper to be decent, even for fountain pens. For hardcover pocket notebooks, I gave Leuchtturm1917s a try. Usually, inks smeared or partially transferred onto the opposing page. Also, the pages were thin, and writing on the other side was readily visible. So, I ordered a 2-pack of Rhodia Dot Grid Webbies from JetPens. I ordered them in orange so they would be easily distinguished from the common black Moleskine.

Webbies are made with Clairefontaine paper, which is widely regarded as one of the best, especially for use with fountain pens. On this account, they are far and away better than a Moleskine for use with fountain pens. They’ve got the pocket in the back as well as the elastic enclosure; here they are about equal. I find it unfortunate that the Rhodia logo is emblazoned across the front; Moleskine wins out here because of its understated embossed logo on the back bottom of the cover. The Rhodia’s leatherette is smoother and more plasticky feeling than the Moleskine’s. The orange tends to dirty fairly easily, but can be wiped off with a slightly damp cloth.

I feel completely comfortable writing on both sides of a page; there is no ink bleeding whatsoever. You can still see what is written on the other side of the page, but not so much so that it becomes distracting.