My Favorite Tweaks in 2015

iOS continues to improve and release major features, such as Apple Music in version 8.4. However there are certain things that still require a jailbreak. Here’s are my top tweaks.


Just like the desktop version, F.lux changes the temperature of my screen as the night progresses, protecting me from ridiculous amounts of blue light (which can contribute to mild insomnia). This alone is reason enough for me to jailbreak.

Eclipse 2 (paid)

Enables a nearly system-wide dark mode. While it doesn’t work in every application, it does work in nearly every system app and many third party apps.

Springtomize 3 (paid)

I accomplish two things with this tweak:

  1. Faster animations: this makes the phone feel faster and stops wasting my time with fancy animations.
  2. Removing labels from home screen icons: declutters the home screnen

However, there are many things you can accomplish with this tweak.


Makes every keyboard a black keyboard. Consistency and darkness are nice.

Bonus Round

There are other tweaks that are nice but don’t make the above cut.
CyDelete: a must if you have Cydia apps; this enables you to delete them like you would any third-party app

  • Zeppelin: enables you to have a custom icon in place of your carrier name. I use it to have a the T-Mobile “T” logo, which saves space.
  • Ayeris (paid): This theme looks so much better than the standard app icons. It’s a pretty extensive pack, with alternative icons for system apps, many third party apps, and even settings.
  • ChangeAwake plus ColorFlow: ChangeAwake turns the lockscreen on momentarily when the song playing changes, and ColorFlow matches the color scheme of the album cover. They don’t currently work on iOS 8.4.

UPDATE: FlagPaint 2 claims to be iOS 8 ready but seems to be causing crashes.