My Favorite Jailbreak Tweaks in 2014

Shortly after receiving my iPhone 6, I decided to follow suit of a friend that had performed the jailbreak process on his iPhone. When telling someone I’ve done so, they want to know why – what makes jailbreaking worth it. Thus, I’ve compiled this list of my favorite jailbreak tweaks I’ve used this year.

  • Activator; Free – This powerful tool allows you to assign a wide variety of gestures to specific actions, either system-wide or in specific locations.
  • Aeternum; $2.99 – Modifies the home screen to work similarly to the Apple Watch UI.
  • AutoStatisticsResest; Free – Automatically resets cellular data usage statistics on a day you define.
  • Auxo 3 (iOS 8); $2.99 – Merges the app switcher and Control Center
  • Bloard; Free – Forces the dark keyboard to be used system-wide
  • CameraTweak 3 (iOS 8); $1.49 – Adds advanced controls to the stock camera app

  • CyDelete8; Free – Enables the deletion of Cydia packages in the same way as App Store apps
  • EZRingtones; Free – Enables you to download tones from Zedge or Audiko and install them directly to the phone, without iTunes or a computer
  • f.lux; Free – Just like the desktop version, this tweak changes the display temperature according to the time of day to reduce eye strain.
  • FlipControlCenter; Free – Allows customization of Control Center switches.
  • InstaEnhancer; Free – Allows you to save images from Instagram to your device without taking a screenshot, allows you to increase or decrease text size in Instagram, and enables a couple other neat enhancements.
  • LockGlyph; Free – replaces “Slide to Unlock” with the Apple Pay glyph when using Touch ID to unlock your device.
  • NoTouchCancelReply; Free – Install this and stop accidentally dismissing the quick reply banner.
  • ShowCase; Free – Keyboard will show the case you’re currently in (upper or lower) rather than always being in caps.
  • Zeppelin; Free – Replaces carrier text with an image. I used this to replace “T-Mobile” with the T-Mobile logo.