Live Where You Are

There are so many amazing places in the world. It’s fantastic to see different places and peoples, to experience other ways of thinking and doing things. Once experienced, people want to see the world: Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Australia – all the places! But how much of the world have you, have I, seen in our own region?

I’ve lived in New Mexico a total of 11 years. The most recent 7 have been as an adult with a car. Yet, how much of my own state have I seen? Virtually none, and I live in the self-proclaimed “Land of Enchantment”! There are fantastic, unusual places to see here, most within a few hours of my home. Many could be visited within a few long weekends.

My Goals

As a first step in exploring my own area, I want to set the goal of visiting the following places by the end of 2016.

  • Tent Rocks National Monument
  • Gila Cliff Dwellings & Catwalk
  • Bandelier National Monument
  • Ice Caves and Bandera Crater
  • Taos
  • Apple Festival
  • Cherry Festival
  • Hatch Chile Festival
  • Albuquerque during the Balloon Fiesta (without buying tickets or subjecting myself to the massive crowds and intense traffic the event brings).

I’ll share these experiences here as I work through them, and I hope to also share things from Las Cruces and the surrounding area. As you explore your own area, share it with me on Twitter, @scojjac.