Mark, if I can be of assistance with IndiePass documentation, please let me know. Thanks for your work on revamping the app.
IndiePass Dev Update by Mark SutherlandMark Sutherland (

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted purely about IndiePass, and the current status of the new app.
Firstly, I had hoped to have an update for Android released by now that had renamed everything to IndiePass, however renaming the app triggered the app being manually reviewed, and the update …

I feel like this is what Automattic is doing with the Reader and Tumblr. The proposed indieweb version is Microsub, of which there are some working examples. by cory hughart .comcory hughart .com (Twitter)

In all honesty, I’d rather have something that lets me subscribe to other WordPress sites within the backend and creates a distributed social network instead of constantly chasing the social media flavor of the week. I really think @mor10 is onto something though.

The way I see it, we get to put whatever we want on our websites. My solution is to intermingle all posts but use tags/categories to distinguish them. by Sherif SolimanSherif Soliman (

The most frequent block I run into when thinking of writing on my site is my unease with alternating between deeply technical posts (code, automation, ML) and long prose or personal essays. How do I tastefully mix very technical and very non-technical posts on the same blog?

I’ve dabbled in Obj-C, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, .NET, and PowerShell. But I’m not confident I understand the how/why or best practices. Nor am I sure how to build a portfolio. These are all things I need to learn more about. by Ryan BarrettRyan Barrett (Twitter)

The exact same applies to us in software development. If you’re the kind of person who understands both how/why and learn yourself (instead of needing to be taught constantly), if you’re following even half of best practise then you’re already top tier.

I have nearly all notifications turned off on Apple Watch, much like on iPhone. Mindfulness: Off. Activity: Off. Notification indicators: Off. About the only thing that gets through is messages but NEVER email because email can 💀 in a 🔥—I mean, it should never be used in urgency. by Vincent RitterVincent Ritter (

I find wearing my Apple Watch super stressful lately. I’m unsure what it is. It’s making me nervous. Maybe I should go ahead and wear my little Casio. I removed email from the Watch… so perhaps it’s been that? (because I always check)

I have a fondness for TNG because it’s what was on when I was a kid and because LeVar was in it and on Reading Rainbow, another show I loved. My mom has an aversion to Star Trek because of home movie memories. by Jean MacDonaldJean MacDonald (

Micro Monday is a day to explore strange new worlds… or at least to find new people to follow. Let’s do a new roll call and boldly go where I have wanted to for a long time: Star Trek. Hail us with a reply. What’s your favorite? No spoilers for New Trek, please! 🖖

I also keep most notifications off and it’s a beautiful thing. But I still need to overcome a lack of focus and the professional writing rut I’m in.
Quieting the Noise by J. GarofoliJ. Garofoli (

Sometime last fall I made the effort stop multitasking at work. Rapidly switching context had reached its limit and my role was changing. It was hard at first, but it’s gotten easier.
It feels good to have some space, some breathing room. Some time to think and decide what’s next.