My mom has been lugging around an old, non-booting Toshiba consumer laptop because the hard drive has photos on it she doesn’t want to lose. I finally decided to work on getting the photos off of it today.

$SourceDir = "D:\Users\dir"
$DestinationDir = "F:\"
Get-ChildItem -Path "$SourceDir" -Filter *.jpg -File -Recurse | Copy-Item -Destination "$DestinationDir"

That probably isn’t the best way. It probably would have been better and faster to use something like:

Get-ChildItem -Path "$SourceDir" -recurse | where {$_.extension -in ".jpg",".png"} | Copy-Item -Destination "$DestinationDir"

From 2015 to 2019, I drove a 2008 BMW 335i (with Sport package). I loved that car; it was just so fun to drive. Everything was stock but the sound was great, the handling excellent, the engine powerful, the controls well thought out, and the heated leather bucket seats comfortable for long drives. I even liked the orange lighting on the instrumentation. It’s been 3 years since we parted and I still miss my baby.

Let me go back to the controls for just a moment. Some cars, many cars—maybe even most cars—have controls that seem to have been an afterthought. It’s as if they were designed by someone who hates driving, tolerates driving, or doesn’t drive. They are maddening and confusing, with maddening and confusing symbols disguised as help.

The Bimmer was not this way. My E90 had the most delightful controls I have ever used. Every button and lever was in the most logical, practical place. My favorite example of a well-designed control in that car was the cruise control. Accelerating and decelerating could be done in multiples of 1mph or 5mph thanks to a “resistance point” – much like the half-click of a shutter. Resuming was a button at the end of the lever. To disable, simply push the lever up or down or brake. The car would resume cruise speed after passing and would engine brake going downhill.

I don’t miss the repairs; in fact, I traded it into a used car dealer that had a service center because of a major leak that was the last straw. Thankfully, they had a CR-V in great condition and I’ve been driving it for the last 3 years.

I was getting an SSL error when adding or refreshing my FreshRSS feeds in mobile apps like Reeder 5 and NetNewsWire for iOS. My troubleshooting steps:

  • Verify that my SSL cert was properly configured.
  • Verify that FreshRSS API access and API password were set up.
  • Verify that all details were entered accurately in the mobile apps.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and try refreshing over LTE. This worked, indicating that the issue is not the client/server app configuration, but the network configuration.
  • Reset iPhone network settings and re-join Wi-Fi. Errored again.
  • Change DNS settings on my Wi-Fi connection to use Cloudflare resolvers (, instead of Spectrum. This worked (update: temporarily. It also works over VPN.)

Based on my troubleshooting, I suspect Spectrum is doing something funky with DNS or SSL. (Possibly related: The Spectrum TV app is in Day 2 of an extended outage that started around 06:00 UTC -4, 8 June 2022).

Well, I was having a good run. I purchased my iPhone XS Max new in late 2018 and it has been with me to Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Australia, and across the United States. According to Battery Health, it still has 82% max capacity. Unfortunately when I dropped it the other day, the back shattered and the digitizer started acting up. So it’s time for some repair.

Humorously, Apple quoted me nearly $650 to “repair” the phone; that price almost certainly means I would receive a refurbished phone. Instead, I ordered parts and plan on replacing the screen, back panel, and battery myself. I am committed to running this phone until it no longer receives security updates.

Apple is ridiculously and notoriously terrible about owner repairs. Replacing the screen will mean losing TrueTone support; replacing the battery will mean losing Battery Health support. The “System Configuration tool” must be run to re-code your phone for the new parts. Only Apple-authorized repair shops, or self-service repairs, have access to this tool (the latter through Apple Support). And Apple’s Self-Service Repair program does not include parts for my model phone. Despite these inconveniences, I’m determined to press forward.

Item Price
Rear glass panel, unbranded $15
Battery $40
LCD screen (OLED costs double) $100

I will update this post with notes after I perform the repairs.

Learn Python the Hard Way – “the way people used to learn things”; very incremental and great at teaching you to debug IF you follow directions. Older versions can be found for free online and with the author’s permission; the latest version is $30 and includes access to videos.

Scientific Computing with Python (FreeCodeCamp) – based on University of Michigan’s Python for Everybody, with a certification available at the end of the course.

Python for Everybody – free book (and on Coursera if video learning is your thing)

In El Paso, there’s a cafe called Salt + Honey that has a decent coffee bar, breakfast menu, and live music and poetry. Last time I was out there, I got their specialty honey cinnamon latte. Here’s how I make it at home. If you want, you can make it hot or iced.

Esta es una receta para un latte de miel y canela. Si quieres, puedes hacerlo como un latte helado.


2 shots of espresso
whole milk
1 Tbsp honey
1/4 tsp cinnamon


  1. In an 8-ounce coffee cup, combine the honey and cinnamon by stirring well.
  2. Add 1 shot of espresso and stir again, making sure you no longer feel honey at the bottom of the cup.
  3. Add the second shot.
  4. Add steamed milk and a small amount of foam. If you’re feeling special, top it off with a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

For an iced latte: use a 12- or 16-ounce cup, cold milk, and ice.

Here is a short list of study references I compiled to prepare for an amateur radio Technician class license exam. — flash card study site that works on desktop or mobile

2018-2022 Tech Study Guide by Earl Paazig (PDF)

No Nonsense Technician Class License Study Guide by Dan Romanchik (PDF)

Why get into ham radio?

My interest was prompted by two things: 1) a buddy that got his license a year or two ago and 2) a desire to be more prepared for emergencies. In some ways, ham radio is like pre-internet social media: it’s one-to-many, you can learn new things, you can meet new people, it allows you to share your thoughts with others or into the void.

I purchased a Baofeng UV-5R as encouragement to get the license and because I can use it to listen to FM and WX weather radio (I also have a Sangean MMR-88 AM/FM/WX receiver).

I’m currently using Indieweb Publisher as my base WordPress theme and have a child theme so I can make tweaks. Today, I tweaked the site header. By default, Indieweb Publisher replaces the site header with author info on single post pages. I’m the only author on my personal site and didn’t like that behavior, so here’s what I did. NOTE: Without an additional theme adjustment, this may break author-finding for indieweb parsers.

1. Copy header.php from the stock IndieWeb Publisher theme to my child theme, indieweb-publisher-child.
2. Find lines 30 to 38, which are responsible for what is displayed in div class="site-header-info".
3. Comment out all PHP except line 36, <?php indieweb_publisher_site_info(); ?> To comment out, put two forward slashes after <? php.

Those lines now look like this:

<div class="site-header-info">
	<?php // if ( is_single() ) : ?>
		<?php // Show only post author info on Single Pages ?>
		<?php // indieweb_publisher_posted_author_card(); ?>
	<?php // else : ?>
		<?php // Show Header Image, Site Title, and Site Tagline on everything except Single Pages ?>
		<?php indieweb_publisher_site_info(); ?>
	<?php // endif; ?>

There was a recent thread in the Evernote user forums about how people are using the Tasks features since it’s “missing” so many things, including recurring tasks. I said:

I love Evernote Tasks; for what I do, I don’t miss recurring tasks. If I get an agenda or schedule with tasks I need to complete, I create a note with the document attached and a task for each item along with the due date. I use “Flagged” as a “Today” sort of thing; an item only gets flagged during review on the day I intend to do it. A full-fledged task manager is typically overkill for me; but if I needed one and was all in on Apple I would use Things 3.

There is ONE THING that absolutely drives me bonkers, though: the date picker on mobile. It should be a calendar like on desktop NOT the scroll wheels. That would let me see the day of the week which often matters more than the date, for me. Because they already have this built into the desktop app and it’s a standard UI element on iOS, I’m hoping this will be adjusted. I’ve already submitted feedback on it.

User Boot17 agreed and added this about recurring tasks:

I know there is a beta going on right now (that I’m not part of) with recurring tasks and it will be interesting to see how recurring tasks are implemented. In the Mac Things app, it seems that they just clutter up the history of completed tasks. I’d rather not see my history of other completed tasks get cluttered up with a history of a daily or weekly recurring task. So it remains to be seen if I will even use the repeating task functionality once it’s available.

Here’s the process they use in Evernote:

  1. Append [REPEAT {frequency}] to the task title.
  2. After completing the task, instead of checking it off, move the due date out.

I also like this idea:

I will sometimes also open the note and add a comment in a table of completion that I have with some description of the activity that was completed (where the description can be different every time).

I like the flexibility this provides because it reduces cruft in the task log while maintaining history and context on the tasks where that matters.

OneDrive for iOS v12.21 released 2022-03-18 (release notes) put the directory in read-only mode in the iOS Files app:

We’re actively working on improving our integration with the iOS Files app and have temporarily set it in read only mode. You’ll still be able to open OneDrive files in the iOS Files app and use it to attach files, but you won’t be able to save or edit files in the iOS Files app. We know this is not ideal and are working to improve the experience as quickly as possible. In the meantime, the OneDrive app remains fully functional.

v12.26.1 purportedly restored access:

You can once again make writes to your OneDrive files from the iOS Files app.

This didn’t seem to be working even though my OneDrive app was updated, so I re-installed. The feature works fine with the Share sheet but not with the Save File action in iOS Shortcuts. So on the rare occasion I build a shortcut and need it to save a file, I use the Share action.