iPhone 7 Plus

My iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black finally arrived last night. It’s my first Plus, and I’m still adjusting to its size. Here are some quick thoughts:

Some Features

  • Finish: man, Jet Black looks great. This phone looks about as close to one substance as you can get.
  • Cameras: They’re great; I haven’t played with Portrait mode much yet, but it seems promising. I’ll post some photos once I’ve had some opportunity to work with this new camera.
  • Speakers: definitely sound better
  • Home button: I like it
  • Taptic Engine: The bomb, making the phone feel even more interactive.
  • Bluetooth audio: seems better; I have BluebudsX and the connection seems better than with 6S
  • Battery: I’m testing it out today. I unplugged at 07:05 and am avoiding charging it like I would my 6S. But I’m also working it – reading, playing music wirelessly, everything.

Notes about Setup

  • Software Update: the phone looks for iOS updates before restoring from iCloud. I liked this, but I can see why some might not.
  • App download prioritization: You can 3D Touch an app on the homescreen during restore to get some options (Pause, Resume, Cancel and Prioritize download). That last one is fantastic.
  • Apple Watch: I forgot to unpair from my 6S, but erasing and restoring from backup was fast. Thankfully the iCloud backup included a Watch backup.

Overall this seems like a solid upgrade.