Ink Review: Noodler’s Blue Ghost

Noodler’s Blue Ghost is a “bulletproof” invisible ink. Once it is dry, it is nearly permanent, meant to be impervious to water and bleach. It glows under a black light, which makes for what I think is a really interesting ink. Maybe not extremely practical, but lots of fun. Typical uses include writing letters to little kids who are excited to read “secret messages”. Other suggested uses include watermarks, password lists, and private annotation on documents.

Originally, I used Blue Ghost in my Lamy Vista F nib with Z24 converter. I previously put an ink not meant for fountain pens in it, and I think there is some residual particulates stuck in the section. I learned three things here:

  1. make sure to only use fountain pen inks in fountain pens.
  2. Notes written with Blue Ghost are quite legible using a Lamy F nib (which is fairly broad for its demarcation).
  3. Consider having a dedicated pen for this ink.

So, I decided to order an inexpensive Pilot Penmanship with EF nib from JetPens. Some people say Blue Ghost does better with a broader nib, so I was interested to see how it performed.

Blue Ghost is actually decently legible in a dark room with a black light using the very extra-fine Penmanship. However, something slightly broader like the Lamy F nib is plenty wide to easily read this ink.

All in all, I don’t use this ink often, but it is lots of fun to use and show off. People that normally are not excited about pens get excited with this ink.