I Jailbroke My iPhone 5

In the early days, I jailbroke my iPod touch. Jailbreak tweaks accomplish some cool things, but on devices with such restricted specs, they can also wreak havoc. So I decided not to jailbreak anymore, and I was happy.

Then I visited some friends out of town. One of them had jailbroken his iPhone and was going through some of the things he had done. That was enough to make me curious again. I’ve found a number of tweaks I really like, so I thought I’d share my list.

biteSMS (free, but I paid to remove ads) – replaces Messages, and is a good enough reason to jailbreak on its own. Provides Quick Reply and Quick Compose features (pop-up texting), as well as contact pics in-app.

Springtomize 3 for iOS 7 (PAID) – provides a variety of common customization options, all neatly packaged into one app.

f.lux – tints the screen according to the time to reduce eyestrain

iOS 7s theme – provides replacement icons for a few of the really hideous iOS 7 icons (especially the camera icon … ugh)

BatterySafe – automatically turns off battery hogs when you battery reaches a pre-determined level

iCaughtU – takes a picture with the front-facing camera and emails it to you (along with an address and Google Maps link) when someone enters an incorrect passcode

CCSettings – allows me to add a few extra options to the top row of Control Center. If you want more flexibility, check out CCControls. (Springtomize hides sections of Control Center, if you wish.)

ClipShot – provides extra options for screenshots, including whether to save or copy to clipboard or both, whether to show the flash on the screen, whether to make the shutter sound, and whether to save to Photo Stream (you can bet I turned that off right away)

CyDelete7 – delete Cydia apps just like you would an App Store app

TVLocker Pro – cool animation emulating a tube TV turning off when you lock the screen

NoSlowAnimations – seriously speeds up all iOS7 animations, which makes the phone feel a lot snappier

Bloard – black iOS 7 keyboard, all the time

Barrel – animation options for switching between pages of apps