Doane Paper Large Idea Journal

I found out within the past few days that Doane Paper was going out of business. Though I had never purchased anything from them, I was saddened, because I had heard very good things about them and had planned on purchasing a fair amount of merchandise for note taking during an intense 8-week course I hope to take in the next year or two. Thankfully, they had some remaining inventory, and after a strong recommendation from Brad Dowdy, I ordered five Large Idea Journals.

I only opened one of them to give a test, and I have to say, I’m happy with the design of Doane Paper; using the bold lines to guide my notetaking, I found the spacing to be wider than I am used to, but it allowed greater legibility. I feel totally comfortable writing on both sides of each page. This is a great notebook. My only concern is the wire binding because I am left-handed. However, I knew this going to the purchase, and do not regret it.

Now it looks as though Doane Paper will be sticking around, though I don’t know what changed. As of this writing, the new is listing the Large Idea Journal at $16 each.