In court, Apple insists that the iPhone and iPad are like game consoles: locked down and limited, not designed to be primary computers. Meanwhile, it is expected that nearly 75% of the world will connect to the internet solely by smartphone by 2025. In the US, 15-20% of adults are described as “smartphone dependent” by Pew Research.

I re-subscribed to Evernote Premium in April 2021 and immediately had enough complaints to start keeping a list. However, I want to frame them constructively.

  1. Enable sending mail attachments directly to an existing note rather than requiring they be saved first.
  2. Support highlighting text in attachments by selection in addition to free form.(Same as in 2015.)

  3. Empower mobile workers with keyboard shortcuts on iOS.
  4. Simplify internal links so that we can link to notes without leaving the one we’re working on. I envision two ways: 1) double bracket notation and 2) highlighting text > note link > search-select note.
  5. Re-introduce a Related Notes feature. The web clipper still shows these, but the main interface doesn’t.
  6. Optimize launch time—last time I checked, it took at least 10 seconds for the app to open but couldn’t create a note. Had to force quit, re-launch, wait 10 seconds again to add a new note.
  7. Add support for publishing notebooks into the new apps, using the more modern webpage style used for individual shared notes, and with support for internal links.
  8. Make it easier to copy a link from a note. Currently, in reading mode tap-and-hold on iOS acts like a tap and opens the link in browser. Ideally, it would open a context menu with Copy/Share options. Instead, I have to enter edit mode, tap near the link, tap edit, then select and copy the URL. (Same in 2015.)