_[Editor’s note: After 5 years, this kettle died. We replaced it with a cheaper Chefman kettle that beeps too much.]_

I recently purchased the Breville IQ Kettle on Amazon. It’s made of German Schott glass and has 5 temperature settings: 175F (green & white tea), 195F (oolong tea), 200F (French press), 205F (black and herbal teas, coffee), 212F (boiling). A glass-walled vessel with stainless steel accents, it’s attractive.

It’s well-constructed and visually appealing. The temperature settings are varied enough but not too much, and are well-labeled. It’s fun to watch the water boil through the glass walls.

The only thing I can really find to complain about is that the slow-opening lid leaves a small mouth for putting water into the kettle. I feel like I’ll break it off if I hit it with a faucet or pitcher one too many times. (I typically use a pitcher to pour filtered water into it, as it doesn’t fit in the refrigerator water dispenser.)

Looks good, works well, one minor flaw, and fun. This kettle shows why, as my friend Andrew puts it, “Breville is the Apple of kitchen appliances.” Buy it on Amazon.