What is your go-to movie when you’re feeling not-great? Responses from friends and readers included:

Hot Fuzz (TV edit), Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Proposal, The Incredibles, Pride and Prejudice, Walk to Remember, Shrek, National Treasure, Encanto, Fifth Element, Galaxy Quest, Moonstruck, Sky High, Space Cowboys, Blade Runner (R)

Originally announced in 2019, Emma Stone will be the next live-action Cruella. Disney dropped the first movie poster today, ahead of tomorrow’s trailer. Disney’s modern live-action remakes have been lackluster, to me, but maybe this will be better. The movie is a prequel about early Cruella in 1970s punk rock London.

I do like Emma Stone, so it will be interesting to see how she plays Cruella. Glenn Close’s Cruella is impeccable; I have to prepare myself for something neither better nor worse, just different.

Bonus links: Variety‘s interview between Pete Davidson and Glenn Close. Vanity Fair‘s interview with Glenn Close about the costumes. She has deep respect for the costumers and other professionals she collaborates with, and the foresight to contractually own her Cruella pieces is pretty amazing.

The Emperor’s New Groove is easily one of my favorite films, no qualifier needed. The humor, the voice actors, the ridiculous story, all of it comes together for a great film. This gem comes via Vulture:

This is the honest-to-God truth. The first and only draft of The Emperor’s New Groove was handed in two weeks after the movie was in theaters.

David Reynolds, screenwriter

Copies of the unedited version of the Sweatbox documentary are available from the Internet Archive.