1. WHOA! AppleCare can request to view your iOS device’s screen.
  2. Almost certainly a software issue, even though it happens on a fresh device only signed into Store.
  3. Escalated to Apple engineers.

Updating iOS in Recovery Mode didn’t help. Waiting for callback from AppleCare rep. Thirty minutes past scheduled call. Maybe she’ll be calling at 12:30 PST instead of MST?

Finally got some serious attention from Apple Support this morning. Working with a senior advisor to resolve my iPhone 7 Plus rear camera problem in third party apps. We’re starting with a Recovery Mode restore of iOS.

What percentage of people actually use the keyboard clicks feature of iOS, and does it really make a difference in accuracy?


Yesterday was rough, but today has been better. Either way, 'twas awesome to get out of town.

Every 3rd party camera app on iPhone 7 Plus is unable to focus. Scanbot, Snapchat, Instagram, ProCam 4. I'm convinced it's related to APIs but no one is listening.

What the heck‽ It's not even March and it feels like May! #climatechange

Also, how do people feel about using hashtags on microblogs?