Buying Locally and Online

There’s a great amount of convenience associated with buying online. No lines, greater selection, no driving around from store to store, hoping to find what is inevitably out of stock.

But sometimes, it means waiting for something for days and days – unless, of course, you choose to pay crazy next-day shipping prices (or maybe cough up $80 a year for Amazon Prime). Then, finding something locally is so much better. It seems, though, that finding whatever you’re looking for in local stores is difficult.

The latest example of this, for me, was after my decision to purchase a Sodastream Crystal. This particular model is the next most expensive Sodastream after the Penguin, which is exclusive to Williams-Sonoma and prone to breaking. Neither it, nor the glass carafes it uses, were available at any of the retail locations that offer Sodastream products in my city (including Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, and Walmart).

I tried to buy locally, and I couldn’t. Retail chains are concerned about the viability of their physical locations, yet their inventory is sorely lacking. So I went to Amazon, of whom everyone is afraid. And there’s no sign of this stopping.