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Social Media Stress

Higher use of social media is linked to “negative physical health, negative mental health and negative life satisfaction”:

Trimming your social habit down to just one platform may lighten your brain’s load. And, though it’s easier said than done, Vannucci recommends unfollowing or blocking the people or news streams that tend to stress you out.


based on what experts know today, taking time away from social media seems more likely to brighten your day than bum you out.

(from Time)

Taken from Santa Cruz Wharf at 20:15. The difference between this and the last amazes me.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk—rode the Big Dipper, a fun wooden coaster, for $7.

Hiked in Muir Woods this morning. Crazy parking, but great park.


“I think we’d better off if JavaScript had never been added to web browsers.” 

Tech ‘solutions’ don’t fix moral problems.