New York 2016

Early Tuesday morning, I got back from spending just short of a week in New York, and boy was it great! Good food, great friends, some sightseeing and lots of walking were all involved.

Wednesday night I flew the JetBlue ABQ to JFK route, which I think is the best flight to NY if you live in New Mexico or El Paso. It departs about midnight, and arrives around 06:00. So instead of spending a whole day flight, you have a whole day to do things. It’s truly fantastic!

I have to say, even under construction, the TWA terminal at JFK is beautiful. I hope to see it all finished up with a great observation deck. It seems so surrounded by buildings, and it’s really designed in a way that requires as many open views as possible. After all, that’s one of the wonderful things about flight.

A friend picked me up, then we headed into Manhattan. (It’s funny how if you’re upstate, New York City is “the city”, but if you’re in New York City, Manhattan is.) We parked at the Met for the day, which ended up being more expensive than parking at the Albuquerque Sunport for 6 days. We went on a group tour of the Met that focused on what Christians faced during the rule of the Roman Empire, then checked out the Jerusalem exhibit and the rooftop garden. The garden is a great space with fantastic views of the park and city.

We also hit up the 9/11 Memorial and Oculus, which are both very impressive. The fountains are beautiful but somber. More than one person has said that they’re surprised the footprints of the Twin Towers were that small. And while the Oculus is futuristic, it’s concrete work could be much better. The aesthetic would have benefited from some Tadao Ando quality concrete.

Later that night I headed up to the Beacon area to stay with friends. We made all sorts of good food over the weekend, including huevos rancheros, chile verde stew, and Fries Quatro Quesos Dos Fritos.

Saturday a group of 8 got together for homemade chicken and waffles, followed by watching the Annual Meeting of Jehovah’s Witnesses, which was fantastic as usual. An updated songbook, “Sing Out Joyfully” to Jehovah, was released.

Sunday I went to a local Spanish congregation, then visited Cold Spring, NY, a small town on the Hudson full of cool, albeit expensive, shops. There was a nice, small Argentine place selling meat empanadas, gelato, and other things. Afterward we hit up a trail along Breakneck Ridge.

Finally, on Monday a friend and I stopped at the brand new World Headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Warwick, then headed down to the city for the rest of the day. We had some excellent Korean fried chicken at Bonchon in the Financial District. When they say spicy, they mean spicy. Then we headed to Chelsea Market and the High Line; both are amazing, and I am so happy with the people who worked to turn the High Line into such a singular and beautiful park. We finished the day at Ample Hills Creamery in Brooklyn, which is filled with uniquely delicious flavors. Two inspired by this year’s US presidential election: Madam President and Make America Orange Again.

Arriving about 18:30, it only took me about 15 minutes to go through security at JFK, which was flat out surprising. I loved every minute of this trip, and was so sad to leave. Thanks for the great time everyone; I will be back!