Scott Jack

Evernote has been around for over two decades, and recently introduced version 10 which is a complete re-write of their clients. I used to use it extensively for personal notes and then left with some of the price and feature changes. I’m coming back years later to try it once again, but right away I’ve noticed some janky things about it, and I intend to record them here. Let the airing of grievances commence.

  1. Internal links are overcomplicated. I should be able to add a note link with double brackets or a context menu—NOT going to the note, copying the link, going back to the note I’m working on, and pasting.
  2. Attachment handling: I should be able to add an attachment to an existing note directly from an email. Currently, I have to save it to files, then open the note and attach it. This results in duplication I do not want.
  3. PDF annotation still uses freeform highlighting which is absolutely ridiculous. I should be able to highlight in a straight line along the text much like in Adobe Reader DC.

Will update as I find more issues.

Normally I use a phone calendar but when I get unusually busy it just doesn’t work for me. So I looked at planners. Hobonichi Techo is nice but too unstructured for me right now. Ordered the Jibun Techo but choosing a size was difficult. Still not sure A5 was the right choice.