Apple Keynote: iPhone 7, Watch Series 2

First off, I was excited to see it start off with a Carpool Karaoke segment. Then I was interested to see Nintendo partner with Apple and introduce Super Mario Run. There were decent updates, and I don’t at all mind the headphone jack removal.

Apple Watch Series 2

The three biggest announcements for the Watch were: 1) GPS, 2) water resistance to 50 meters, and 3) that ceramic case, which is beautiful. GPS is a nice edition; the ViewRanger demo really solidified the usefulness of it for me. It also made me think about the offroad walks I take, and how nice it would be to have route maps. Even if I don’t swim, I think the water resistance is also extremely useful.

Nike+ Edition

I don’t really understand this. Why wouldn’t Nike+ be incorporated into every Apple Watch? Is the difference only the watch face and band? Or is there something else. I still feel like these unique watch faces should be available to purchase.

iPhone 7

The Headphone Jack

Can everyone get over this, already, please? Removing the headphone jack has several benefits:

  1. Optical Image Stabilization included even in the smaller 7
  2. Longer battery life
  3. Improves water resistance
  4. Will push improvement of wireless audio technologies

As the Buzzfeed article linked in the previous quote mentioned, Apple isn’t even the first company to eliminate the 3.5mm jack from their phone – they just happen to be the first major one, which is what causes #4 above to be true.


These look like a great product. Five hours of listening (2 of talking – meh) and you can use one or both. The case holds several charges, and a quick 15 minutes charge will provide 3 hours of playback. Reports so far are that they stay in the ear quite well and sound excellent. They’re far easier to connect thanks to the custom Bluetooth chip, and after connecting them to one device, any of your devices will be able to use them thanks to iCloud.

Dat Camera, Tho

The 7’s camera is great; the 7 Plus’ camera is amazing – well, 2 cameras. Having this amount of optical and high-quality software zoom in the camera is wonderful, and the new Portrait mode looks like it will be a fantastic addition. It really is amazing the strides Apple is making in providing their customers the best pocket camera possible.

Goodbye, Space Gray

And good riddance, too. I much prefer the new Black and Jet Black options. Even though Black will likely be better at hiding scuffs and scratches, that Jet Black is just so sharp.


Right now I’ve got a 6S 64GB Space Gray. If I upgrade, I’ll more than likely opt for the 7 Plus 128GB in Jet Black, along with some AirPods. Although the new Watch is nice, I don’t see an upgrade anytime soon. Now to take a look at what options I have for upgrading.