App Review: Contact Mover

At some point, my iPhone started using my Office 365 as the default for contact creation. Thus, I had 11 personal contacts that were not in my personal address book. Since Apple has not implemented a method to move contacts from one account to another, I was frustrated.

I tried a couple contact managers, but none took care of the particular task of moving contacts between accounts. Then I came across Contact Mover. This app:

  • is a do-one-thing-well app.
  • has a strong brand identity.
  • is $4.99.

Does One Thing Well

Contact Mover is designed to allow the migration of contact data from one account to another. It moves all contacts, so if you want to do any clean-up, do so beforehand. Just choose your origin and destination accounts, verify, and move.

If you have more than one Exchange account (rare, I imagine) it can be difficult to determine which account you are selecting, since the account descriptions are based on the type of account, not the name designated in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Has a Strong Brand Identity

I love this app’s icon. The background is nice purple, which you don’t see often on app icons. It consists of a white knock-out design, which looks like a moving van branded with the ubiquitous contact photo head. When you open the app, it maintains the same color scheme.

Contact Mover's app icon
Contact Mover’s app icon



The Price is Right

Five dollars might seem like a lot at first for an app that does just one thing that you probably don’t need done very often. But every other method of moving contacts involves far more hassle. $5 is a fair price for the efficiency, design, and reliability of this app. Get it on the App Store.