Anoche Me Enamoré by Christian Nodal

This song came on while I was listening on Apple Music, and I thought, “Hey, this sounds similar to that song by The Tokens!” I eventually realized (through research) this makes perfect sense, because it’s “Tonight I Fell in Love”—my Spanish failed me. So below, find the 2020 musica mexicana version, a Mexican rock version by Los Apson, The Tokens’ 1961 version, and a bonus at the end. Anoche Me Enamoré by Christian Nodal, 2021 ([Spotify]( {{< youtube i27oX_-c-bk >}}
“Anoche me enamoré” by Los Apson, probably late 1960s ([Spotify](”>Spotify)) {{< youtube iRtiMC0L_C8 >}}
“Tonight I Fell in Love” by The Tokens, 1961 ([Spotify](”>Spotify)) {{< youtube tN5S-uXkti8 >}}
And as a bonus, the precursor to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”, Mbube by Solomon Linda, 1939 ([Spotify](”>Spotify)) {{< youtube XqfU_BeCszg >}}