Almost One Year

A year ago, I was spending the day alone on Bruny Island off the coast of Tasmania, off the coast of Australia, across the world from my family. It was amazing. After almost four months away, I returned to the States for my sister’s wedding. We became five family members under one roof. And then the pandemic hit.

Though I was reticent to come back and live in North Carolina with my family, it was for the best. We have been able to support one another financially and emotionally. I continually appreciate this, especially when I ponder over people unemployed or living alone for much of the past year.

As vaccines become more widely available, I am thinking more about what comes next. At the end of this lease, is it time to move closer to Raleigh or to another state? Should I begin regularly attending a non-English congregation? Who and where do I want to visit first?

Six months ago, I moved my site from Tumblr to GitHub Pages. This weekend, I moved to a Ghost installation on Linode. Microposts will be shared as Notes, and I’m interested in modifying the theme to accomodate them. They should have no title and the date should be the permalink. I’m not yet sure what to do with linked posts. If you have ideas or suggestions, hit me up on Twitter.