There was a simple beauty in IM requiring all parties to be online at the same time. Now, “interruption is the default. We are always on. We are walking live chats.”

One more great quote about the “Do Not Disturb” and “Focus” modes introduced by tech companies trying to “help”:

These are not guardrails. These are squishy orange cones that we all plow through, like 15-year-olds in driver’s ed. Even the names of these features—Focus, Schedule Send—are phrases born of a work-obsessed culture. Bring back the ennui, the poetry, the pink fonts, the tildes and asterisks.

In my experience, people get annoyed by the “notifications silenced” status in iMessage. Let’s change “Focus” to “Away”, with different messages and providing the ability to turn off “Notify Anyway” (because seriously, no).

(h/t Jacky Alciné)

🔖 It’s Time to Bring Back the AIM Away Message by Lauren Goode (WIRED)

The live chats of the past are now in our pockets and inescapable. We need better boundaries.