Header tweak for IndieWeb Publisher

I’m currently using Indieweb Publisher as my base WordPress theme and have a child theme so I can make tweaks. Today, I tweaked the site header. By default, Indieweb Publisher replaces the site header with author info on single post pages. I’m the only author on my personal site and didn’t like that behavior, so here’s what I did. NOTE: Without an additional theme adjustment, this may break author-finding for indieweb parsers.

1. Copy header.php from the stock IndieWeb Publisher theme to my child theme, indieweb-publisher-child.
2. Find lines 30 to 38, which are responsible for what is displayed in div class="site-header-info".
3. Comment out all PHP except line 36, <?php indieweb_publisher_site_info(); ?> To comment out, put two forward slashes after <? php.

Those lines now look like this:

<div class="site-header-info">
	<?php // if ( is_single() ) : ?>
		<?php // Show only post author info on Single Pages ?>
		<?php // indieweb_publisher_posted_author_card(); ?>
	<?php // else : ?>
		<?php // Show Header Image, Site Title, and Site Tagline on everything except Single Pages ?>
		<?php indieweb_publisher_site_info(); ?>
	<?php // endif; ?>