I went to Cd. Juárez for the first time last weekend—with a friend, of course. We had great tacos and queso fundido con chorizo at Taqueria Aaajiji. Later, we hit up Plaza de la Mexicanidad (its monument pictured here).

The most nerve-wracking part of the experience was dealing with US border agents—because why would a citizen of the greatest country on earth want to go to Mexico (I guess??).

“Why are you in Mexico?” Dinner.

“How do you know each other?” Same religion.

“When were you last in Mexico?” Never.

“Do you have anything to declare?” Nope.

Scott’s 4 rules for Juárez (same as anywhere):

  1. Go with someone who knows where to go.
  2. Don’t be involved in drugs.
  3. Don’t go bar hopping.
  4. Don’t carry or show off expensive things.