Apple Needs a “Completely Rethought” Siri, Too

Google Assistant is looking very impressive, and each day I’m more acutely aware of Siri’s lack of progress. Apple needs to buckle down on Siri yesterday. I’m getting nervous. From Daring Fireball, <a href="“>in March: > The gist of The Information’s story is that Siri has existed for seven years without cohesive leadership or product vision, and the underlying technology is a mishmash of various systems that don’t work well together. <a href="“>Like the Mac Pro, Apple needs a “completely rethought” Siri. It should be deeply integrated with third-party applications and hardware across the Apple ecosystem, continually updated, with a centralized and cohesive experience; it should be a true virtual assistant. Apple needs a well-managed, well-financed team to turn Siri into the foundation stone it is meant to be.