Joel Spolsky in 2000:

The idea that new code is better than old is patently absurd. Old code has been used. It has been tested. Lots of bugs have been found, and they’ve been fixed. There’s nothing wrong with it. It doesn’t acquire bugs just by sitting around on your hard drive. Au contraire, baby! Is software supposed to be like an old Dodge Dart, that rusts just sitting in the garage? Is software like a teddy bear that’s kind of gross if it’s not made out of all new material?

One thought on “Software Doesn’t Rust

  1. @scojjac This is a wonderful quote. Likewise, I’d love to see more time spent on improving old code—ironing out the bugs, focusing on incremental improvements, and making things work as fast as possible. Why must we always be chasing “the next big feature”? I like new stuff as much as the next person, but I like the old stuff working as well as it possibly can even more.

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