Original handwritten page for this post, in an orange  Rhodia dot grid notebook with orange ink

Today I said to myself, in my allergy-induced slothful state, “It would be fun to hand write some thing and posted on the blog.” After making my coffee, I pulled out this Rhodia and thought, what am I writing for? Where do I really have to say?

There are no great revelations for me to share. I miss the desert; the gym and runs and biking – all of which feel more challenging when you live in a small subdivision in the not-city. I bought some new running shoes anyway – it felt amazing when I could run 5 miles and wear size 30 jeans. My back and joints complain that I am too sedentary.

I can be a terrible procrastinator – toiling away at a more Indieweb-friendly site to avoid studying Salesforce, or not giving this page a proper conclusion.

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