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Sadly, I’ve never been the best touch typist—never had to take any classes to learn it. However, I find that I actually have some measure of success at it when using Apple’s Magic Keyboard. I don’t have any such luck on other keyboards for some reason.

@dandycat I’m glad the Magic Keyboard is working for you! We moved several times when I was younger and I think I was in 3 typing classes by end of 6th grade. I love the clackety-clack. ⌨ 🎵

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  1. @scojjac The clackety-clack is the best! Maybe there are mechanical keyboard fans out there that bristle at the thought of having to use this keyboard, but it’s got the magic for me. I’m a little envious of your typing experience. I imagine you’ve got lightning fast typing fingers after all of those classes.

  2. @scojjac Oof, I just got 45 wpm, and my fingers were never in the proper places. Looks like I need to start practicing. This seems like a skill that all adults, especially this one, should have.

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