Want to borrow that e-book from the library? Sorry, Amazon won’t let you. by Geoffrey Fowler (Washington Post)
Amazon is the only big publisher that flat-out blocks library digital collections. “It’s not clear to us that current digital library lending models fairly balance the interests of authors and library patrons,” said Mikyla Bruder, the publisher at Amazon Publishing, in an emailed statement. “We see this as an opportunity to invent a new approach to help expand readership and serve library patrons, while at the same time safeguarding author interests, including income and royalties.”

I’ve mostly stopped using Amazon, except for my Kindle. This sort of behavior is disgusting; my next e-reader will have to be Kobo. While a library with Libby can deliver a book to your Kindle, Amazon is withholding their own ebooks and audiobooks from library patrons until it can develop a way to extract even more value from all transaction participants.

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