This song came on while I was listening on Apple Music, and I thought, “Hey, this sounds similar to ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ by The Tokens!” I eventually realized (through research) this makes perfect sense, because it’s “Tonight I Fell in Love”—a song by The Tokens! So below, find the 2020 musica mexicana version, an older version by Los Apson, The Tokens’ 1961 version, AND the original Zulu version, “Mbube” by Solomon Linda.

Anoche Me Enamoré by Christian Nodal, 2021 (Apple Music / Spotify):

Anoche me enamoré by Los Apson, probably late 1960s (Apple Music / Spotify):

Tonight I Fell in Love by The Tokens, 1961 (Apple Music / Spotify):

And finally, the song that started it all, Mbube by Solomon Linda, 1939 (Apple Music / Spotify):