While I definitely value a handwritten journal, I like to keep a digital log of some things. Momento for iPhone is great at pulling data from a variety of social networks, however, it is not available for iPad or Mac. Evernote is accessible on a variety of platforms, but does not have a stock way to pull in data from social networks.

Using IFTTT, we can address Evernote’s shortcoming. My goal is have a note for each day containing all my social media activity, contained inside a particular Evernote notebook.


0. Evernote: Create a notebook

I’m calling mine Captain’s Log. Call yours whatever you wish.

1. IFTTT Recipe to create new note

Create a recipe with the following trigger: Date & Time > Every day at. I chose 05:00.
For your action, choose Evernote > Create a note. My notes are titled, “Captain’s Log”. In the body, I put, “Created: {{CheckTime}}“. Since {{CheckTime}} include both the date and time, do not put {{CheckTime}} in the title unless you want a new note for each item.

IFTTT Recipe: 1/5: create new note at 05:00 daily connects date-time to evernote

2. Add Foursquare Check-ins to existing note

If Foursquare > Any new check-in then Evernote > Append to Note. Make sure you use the same exact note title and notebook as you did in Step 2.

IFTTT Recipe: 2/5: Add Foursquare check-ins to daily note connects foursquare to evernote

3. Add Instagram photos by you to existing note

If Instagram > New photo by you then Evernote > Append to Note. Use the same note title and notebook.
NOTE: You could use a similar recipe to add any photos or videos you like, etc.

IFTTT Recipe: 3/5: Add Instagram Photos to daily note connects instagram to evernote

4. Add tweets and retweets by you to existing note

If Twitter > New tweet by you then Evernote > Append to Note. Use the same note title and notebook. I’ve included retweets and @replies in the trigger. I’m thinking about changing that to just @replies.

IFTTT Recipe: 4/5: Add tweets to daily note connects twitter to evernote

5. Add Twitter mentions of you to existing note

If Twitter > New mention of you then Evernote > Append to Note. Use the same note title and notebook.

IFTTT Recipe: 5/5: Add Twitter mentions of you to daily note connects twitter to evernote


You may want to tweak the body of each action to fit your journal style better. For example I modified my Foursquare recipe so that “I went to” precedes the venue name. Since the shout is included after the first sentence, I can use it to include any notes about the place.

IFTTT has an iOS app, useful for building and modifying recipes.

You can do the same thing with an RSS feed (such as for your blog).

Adios, Momento for iPhone.

Shortly after receiving my iPhone 6, I decided to follow suit of a friend that had performed the jailbreak process on his iPhone. When telling someone I’ve done so, they want to know why – what makes jailbreaking worth it. Thus, I’ve compiled this list of my favorite jailbreak tweaks I’ve used this year.

  • Activator; Free – This powerful tool allows you to assign a wide variety of gestures to specific actions, either system-wide or in specific locations.
  • Aeternum; $2.99 – Modifies the home screen to work similarly to the Apple Watch UI.
  • AutoStatisticsResest; Free – Automatically resets cellular data usage statistics on a day you define.
  • Auxo 3 (iOS 8); $2.99 – Merges the app switcher and Control Center
  • Bloard; Free – Forces the dark keyboard to be used system-wide
  • CameraTweak 3 (iOS 8); $1.49 – Adds advanced controls to the stock camera app

  • CyDelete8; Free – Enables the deletion of Cydia packages in the same way as App Store apps
  • EZRingtones; Free – Enables you to download tones from Zedge or Audiko and install them directly to the phone, without iTunes or a computer
  • f.lux; Free – Just like the desktop version, this tweak changes the display temperature according to the time of day to reduce eye strain.
  • FlipControlCenter; Free – Allows customization of Control Center switches.
  • InstaEnhancer; Free – Allows you to save images from Instagram to your device without taking a screenshot, allows you to increase or decrease text size in Instagram, and enables a couple other neat enhancements.
  • LockGlyph; Free – replaces “Slide to Unlock” with the Apple Pay glyph when using Touch ID to unlock your device.
  • NoTouchCancelReply; Free – Install this and stop accidentally dismissing the quick reply banner.
  • ShowCase; Free – Keyboard will show the case you’re currently in (upper or lower) rather than always being in caps.
  • Zeppelin; Free – Replaces carrier text with an image. I used this to replace “T-Mobile” with the T-Mobile logo.