I canceled my paid iCloud storage plan ($20/year). 

I canceled my iTunes Match plan ($25/year). I listen to music in Rdio ($10/month) and backup my music library with Backblaze.

I canceled my 500px plan ($25/year). I use Flickr instead.

Backblaze ($5/month) provides an “unlimited” backup option for my Mac (not including the Appplications folder, sadly) and allows me to access and download backed up files in a native iOS application. I’ve turned on Camera Uploads in Dropbox (over wifi only). Hazel renames these files based on date and time created and files them away on my Mac in the appropriate folder.

First, the name is bad. Dune Beetle, or Dung Beetle? Go with Baja; it fits the vehicle’s roots better.

Second, put the engine where it belongs on a dune buggy: the back.

Third, who in their right mind thought it was okay to make this vehicle front wheel drive? It should be all wheel drive. (By the way, I wouldn’t mind if AWD was an option on more of your vehicles.)

Fourth, a ski rack? A dune buggy with a ski rack. Right.

I’m disappointed, VW. Concepts are usually much cooler than what they get watered down to for production. This concept is really lame to begin with.

UPDATE: This method is out of date. Instead, please try WtLibrary.

You may have come across Watchtower Library for Mac, only to be disappointed by discovering that the link for version 2.2 is broken. Here is an alternative way to use Watchtower Library on CD-ROM on your Mac.

  1. Download and install XQuartz.
  2. Download and install PlayOnMac.
  3. Insert CD into CD drive.
  4. Open PlayOnMac.
  5. Click Install.
  6. At the bottom of the window, choose Install a non-listed program.
  7. Click Next, and choose to Install a program in a new virtual drive.
  8. Choose a name. I went with wtlib. Next. Next.
  9. Choose Select another file. Click Browse. Click the Watchtower Library CD in your Finder’s sidebar, then click setup.exe. Click Open.
  10. Go through the Watchtower Library setup. It will look like it’s stuck and takes a while to finish.
  11. After clicking Finish in the Watchtower Library setup, PlayOnMac will ask you to choose a file to make a shortcut. Choose wtlibrary.exe. Click Next.
  12. I chose Watchtower Library 2013 as the name of the shortcut. Click Next.
  13. Choose I don’t want to make another shortcut. Click Next.
  14. I suggest moving the shortcut off of your desktop and into your Applications folder.

When you launch the Watchtower Library shortcut you created, it may appear only briefly in the Dock. Then you will see the XQuartz icon appear and the Watchtower Library splash screen will  appear shortly after. I hope these instructions were helpful.